Tunnel Pasteurization

Tunnel pasteurization is a heat treatment process commonly used in the food and beverage industry, specifically for liquid beverages. This method is designed to heat beverages to a specific temperature and hold them at that temperature for a predetermined amount of time to eliminate harmful microorganisms, enzymes, and spoilage organisms without compromising the quality or taste of the product.

About the Tunnel Pasteurization process.

In tunnel pasteurization, a conveyor system carries filled beverage containers through a tunnel-like chamber. Initially, in the preheating zone, containers are gently warmed to a temperature below pasteurization levels to prevent thermal shock. As they progress into the pasteurization zone, the temperature rises (usually between 160°F to 185°F) to destroy harmful microorganisms. In the cooling zone, containers are rapidly cooled to maintain beverage quality. Once pasteurized and cooled, containers are prepared for distribution.

At Thermal Kitchen we use tunnel pasteurization for high acid sauces, condiments, cocktail mixers and RTD beverages.


What types of products do you make using Tunnel Pasteurization?

We Tunnel Pasteurize a variety of products from condiment sachets to margarita mix in spouted pouches as well as canned, carbonated beverages from fruit juice drinks to RTD cocktails.

What is the shelf life of a tunnel pasteurized product?
Is tunnel pasteurizing the same as HPP processing?

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